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What Makes D·E·J Eye Cream® Different?   * Uniquely formulated and clinically-proven to address eyelid hooding and droopiness in addition to the total eye area * Designed with the skin’s Dermal-Epidermal Junction (DEJ) in mind, a critical factor in skin aging , and features DEJ-targeting ingredients * Clinically-proven to reduce the visible signs of aging around the total eye area including eyelid drooping, under-eye crepiness, fine lines in the crow’s feet area and elasticity. * Contains Prebiotic and Postbiotic Innovation to balance the skin’s Microbiome and helps promote healthy skin around the eyes * Great for use pre-procedure to promote healthy skin and enhanced results as well as post-procedure to help maintain results* * NET WT 0.5 FL OZ | 14g *Revision Skincare® products are not intended for use on broken skin and should only be used once skin has fully healed following a procedure.